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Terms & Conditions


All products, services, and experiences sold through the Cypress Hills Destination Area, Inc. website are subject to the cancellation/refund terms and conditions of the individual tour operator or event providing the products, services, or experiences.

Delivery method of products, services, & experiences listed on our website

All products, services, and experiences sold through the Cypress Hills Destination Area, Inc. website are delivered by the individual tourism operator. By purchasing a product, service or experience through the Cypress Hills Destination Area, Inc. website, please know that the Cypress Hills Destination Area, Inc. is not responsible for the quality of the experience as that is the responsibility of the individual tourism operator. If you have concerns or feedback regarding the quality of any product, service, or experience purchased through our website, please feel free to contact us and we will pass along your comments to the individual tourism operators.

Fares, prices, and availability

All fares and prices quoted on our website are subject to availability of the individual tourism operator. Prices are subject to change until full payment is received and voucher(s) are issued. Prices that are quoted include all taxes and fees unless we advise otherwise. It is your responsibility to carefully check the dates on your voucher and to contact us immediately if these are not correct.



Cypress Hills Destination Area, Inc. is dedicated to keeping your information private and secure. We have utilized proven tour operator software and have selected a respected hardware and service provider to ensure that your data is secure when communicating with us online. This Privacy Policy outlines how we keep your information secure and what information we store on your personal computer:

Outside links

Our web site offers you links to outside locations (websites not owned by us) to help you further understand the experiences our region provides to you as a customer. Additional links may also be provided which may improve your experience with our website. We do not exercise control over the content of these outside websites. Additionally, outside sites may place cookies, or other software, on your personal computer, which may be undesirable. If we provide a link which you feel is inappropriate, or has damaged your computer, please contact us to have it reviewed.

Data Collection

We collect only the information needed to identify you and your account, if logged in. We will not collect, or ever will collect, additional personal information about you from your personal computer unless expressly given the permission to do so. By using our account tools, to manage and add additional information to your account, you are giving us expressed consent to store additional information about yourself. These tools will allow you to update your account information, create reservations, etc. and are available to help make your online experience with us more enjoyable and efficient. When ordering online with a credit card we do not store your credit card information on our servers. It is available to us only to process the transaction, which takes a matter of seconds.

Your personal information

We will not rent or sell any of your personal information to other companies or individuals. There are some limited circumstances in which we may disclose your information: If required by law or we believe in good faith that the information you have provided us is reasonably necessary to disclose to the appropriate authorities for the safety and protection of rights / property of our company, and its users. In the event of a server relocation, or data relocation through electronic means, you consent to the transfer of your information whether domestic or foreign.