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East Block of Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park

The East Block of Grasslands National Park is located straight south of Lafeche, Saskatchewan, and west of Killdeer and Rockglen.

This is the more remote section of the park and the rugged landscape makes for a unique and memorable experience.  The east block of Grasslands is where you will find fossils and layered buttes that tell the geological history dating back millions of years.

Something you must do while in the East Block of Grasslands is drive the Badlands Parkway.  This paved route takes you along the top of the valley and to various stunning viewpoints with new interpretive signs.

Arguably the best hike in the east block is the Valley of 1000 Devils.  The trail takes you through rolling hills with a dramatic end right in the middle of the dome shaped buttes. 

There are no Bison or Prairie Dogs in the east blockm but you are sure to see other wildlife such as hawks, mule deer, pronghorn, and coyotes.

Rock Creek Campground is located in the East Block.  There are multiple campsites to book as well as oTentiks to rent.

The Visitor's Centre in the East Block is located right in Rock Creek Campground.  Stop at the office to check in and to book a guided interpretive tour.

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West Block of Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park

The West Block of Grasslands National Park is located just east of Val Marie, Saskatchewan.

The main attractions to the West Block, other than the beautiful scenery, are the Bison and the Black Tailed Prairie Dog Colonies.The dark skies in both blocks of Grasslands National Park draw people from all over. 

You can hike one of the many trails or drive the scenic eco-tour, a 20km self-guided route with multiple stops.  

The Frenchman River runs through the west block and the Frenchman Valley Campground offers campsites as well as oTentiks to rent.

The Visitor's Centre for the West Block is located inthe Village of Val Marie.

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70 Mile Butte and Eagle Butte

Grasslands National Park

Just south of Val Marie, Saskatchewan, you can visit another portion of Grasslands National Park. The massive buttes will catch your attention as you pull into the designated parking spot.  

There are 2 options for looped trails and both offer a 360 degree view from above. Don't forget to wear a hat that ties on!  The wind adds an extra element to the experience. 

The historical importance of 70 Mile Butte is that it was the mid-point for the Northwest Mounted Police between Wood Mountain and the Eastend Point.