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Maple Creek, Saskatchewan

Town of Maple Creek

Maple Creek is located just off of Highway 1 between Swift Current and Medicine Hat.  This western town has a lot to offer visitors.  The downtown heritage shopping disctrict is home to renovated store fronts, an award winning toy store, a coffee roastery, a spa, and more!

With multiple dining and accommodation options to choose from, your needs are sure to be met.

Things To Do in Maple Creek:

  • Maple Creek Golf Club
  • Maple Creek Visitors' Centre
  • Rafter R Brewing Co.
  • Cypress Hills Winery 
  • Grotto Gardens Family Fun Farm
  • Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park
  • Fort Walsh National Historic Site
  • Jasper Cultural and Historical Centre
  • Broken Spoke Fine Art and Gift Shop
  • S.W. Old Timers' Museum
  • Cowtown Kids Toy and Candy Store
  • Northern Lights Therapy and Spa
  • The Jasper Lounge and Events Centre
  • Farmers Market


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Val Marie, Saskatchewan

Village of Val Marie

Small but mighty Val Marie offers travelers a quiet shady respite from the open prairie landscape.  A short drive from Grasslands National Park and home to its Visitor Centre, this quiet community hosts amenities and events you wouldn't expect from a community this size.


  • Grocery
  • Gas
  • Specialty Coffee
  • Spray Park
  • Museum
  • Hotel
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Campground
  • Meditation Labyrinth
  • Hiking Trails
  • Weekly Farmer's Market (Seasonal)
  • Scenic Lookouts
  • Grasslands National Park Visitor Centre (West Block)
  • Annual Rodeo


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Leader, Saskatchewan

Town of Leader

Leader, Saskatchewan, is located approximately an hour north of Maple Creek, near the Alberta border and the South Saskatchewan River.  It is the ideal place to stay as you explore the Great Sandhills and has many interesting attractions nearby.  There are multiple dining and accommodation options for you to choose from.

Things to Do in Leader:

  • The Great Sandhills
  • 9 Larger Than Life Sculptures
  • Tourism Caboose
  • Huge Red Chairs
  • Millennium Gardens
  • Historic Blumendfeld Church
  • Explore the South Saskatchewan River
  • Estuary Ferry
  • Swimming Pool
  • Leader Lions Park
  • Leader Ball Diamonds
  • River Ridge Golf Course
  • G3 Iceplex
  • St. John's School House and miniture church replica
  • Checkerboard Hill


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Hazlet, Saskatchewan

Village of Hazlet

Hazlet, Saskatchewan, is a village located a little off the beaten path, but worth the drive! 

Approximately 65 km northwest of Swift Current or 40 kms north of the TransCanada highway at Gull Lake, this active community is surprisingly busy with music events at a restored historical church, golf tournaments at a beautiful sand green course, and a campground with monthly organized family activities like kayaking and movie nights. 

Photo Credit - Ashlyn George

Things To Do in Hazlet:

  • Standing Rock Glacial Erratic                                               
  • Rink Complex
  • Hazlet Regional Park
  • Hazlet Thrift Shop
  • Community History Signs
  • The Bethany
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Eastend, Saskatchewan

Town of Eastend

Eastend, Saskatchewan, is a beautiful community located along Highway 13 in the Frenchman River Valley.  Eastend in famous for being the home to Scotty, the World's largest T-Rex, but that is just one of the things that makes Eastend a special place to visit.

Things To Do in Eastend:

  • T-Rex Discovery Centre
  • Wilkinson Memorial Observatory
  • Streambank Golf Course
  • Eastend Historical Museum
  • Raptor Rounds Mini Golf
  • Swimming Pool and Splash Park
  • Pine Cree Regional Park
  • Chimney Coulee
  • Chocolate Peak
  • Jones' Peak ( No Camping, fireworks, loitering...)
  • Pottery
  • Eastend Campground
  • Wallace Stegner House
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Gull Lake, Saskatchewan

Town of Gull Lake

Gull Lake is located along Highway 1 between Swift Current and Maple Creek.  This progressive small town is always coming up with new ways for locals and visitors to enjoy their time.

Photo Credit - Ashlyn George

Things To Do in Gull Lake:

  • Cresent Point Pool
  • Culing Rink
  • Kinette Corner Mini Golf
  • Lyceum Theatre
  • Meadowdale Golf Course
  • Bowling
  • Gull Lake Skating Rink
  • Gull Lake Museum
  • Murals
  • Walking Tour
  • Little Green on the Prairie Park
  • Antelope Lake Regional Park
  • Kiaskus Trail
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Homemade Shop and Bakery
  • Campbell's Accommodations
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Frontier, Saskatchewan

Breaking Boundaries since 1930

A village large enough to serve you, but small enough to care.  Frontier, Saskatchewan, is located on highway 18, south of Shaunavon and Eastend.   This boundary town (located just north of the USA border) has accommodations and activities for all types of travellers - including a campground, renovated motel, gift shop, greenhouse, and an active recreation centre with bowling and food booth.  Stop by the museum on Friday's in July and August for markets featuring handmade and baked goods!

Photo credit - Ashlyn George

Things to Do in Frontier:

  • Frontier Golf Club
  • Bowling at the Rec Centre
  • Curling / Skating at the Rec Centre
  • Swimming Pool
  • Summer Museum Market
  • Frontier Museum
  • Old man on His Back Nature Conservancy ( 39km)
  • Murals


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Abbey, Saskatchewan

Village of Abbey

Located just 90 km northwest of Swift Current, near the sandhills and the South Saskatchewan River, Abbey offers visitors the perfect picnic spot at both the brand-new playground adjacent to the community centre or the beautiful park on Main Street. 

Abbey is home to the ABC Centre, Abbey Business, and Community Centre, which is home to a bustling thrift store, called Abbey's Attic and serves as a hub for community events. The village has several historical buildings, including the 110-year-old hotel and bar which is still in operation.   

Abbey prides itself in hosting regular Farmer's Markets, comedy nights, dances, craft fairs, fitness classes, and more!

Keep your eyes open for information on the annual Sandhills Rodeo.

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Burstall, Saskatchewan

Town of Burstall

With a population of just over 300, Burstall is a safe, quiet community.  It is located along Highway 321, between Leader and Medicine Hat.

Things To Do In Burstall:

  • Indoor Swimming
  • Curling
  • Bowling Alley
  • Annual fall fair
  • Golf Course
  • Library
  • Campground
  • Baseball Diamonds
  • Lion's Park
  • Pub
  • Groceries
  • Ask about the BEST pizza around!