Transformational Retreat in Cypress Hills

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April 26, 2024 – April 28, 2024

Transformational Retreat in Cypress Hills

Retreat in Cypress Hills

Cypress Hills Centre Block

The very special 10th Transformational Retreat in Cypress Hills, SK is scheduled for April 26, 27 & 28, 2024!

The theme is Revive your Spirit: A Journey to Empowerment!


Super excited to announce that Paul Elder will be our keynote presenter at the spring retreat! If you don’t know who Paul is please google his name for the full bio! He is a Saskatchewan boy who became the mayor of Swift Current.

He had three near death experiences which led to out of body experiences and his involvement with the Monroe Institute and remote viewing. He wrote a book “Through the Eyes of an Angel” about his near death experiences!

Jeanne and Dale (my co-hosts) know Paul personally and have attended his remote viewing workshops and the Monroe institute programs he facilitated on Vancouver Island!

This is going to be an amazing retreat!!