Whether you have always prefered self-guided travel or are looking for a safe way to get out and explore this fall, our five audio tours are the perfect opportunity for you to get to know these commuities in the Cypress Hills - Grasslands Destination Area and southwest Saskatchewan.

These audio tours will both entertain you and teach you interesting history and facts about the people, buildings, businesses, geograpghy, wildlife, and more!


TripVia Tours work like this:  

1) Visit TripVia's website and browse all of the tours available.

2) Choose either Gull Lake, Val Marie, Leader, Maple Creek, or Eastend   ( If you don't see the town you are looking for, scroll down to the list at the bottom.)

3) Get a preview of the tour or just click the link to download the free app.

4) Choose the tour you want to download.  Once it is on your cell, no data will be used.

5)  There is a map to follow, but don't worry if you don't go in order, your GPS will kick in and the audio will play as your near each location. 


These five tours are currently free.  Let's see how many people we can get out enjoying them before the snow flies.  Please spread the word and share with both locals and tourists.


P.S. You can drive instead of walk!