Did you make the best of winter this year?  If not, it is time to start making plans for embracing the snowy season, next year.  The cozy cabins at Historic Reesor Ranch are perfect all year long, but a winter getaway means you can try out the ATV quad track adventure.

Open all year round, this family run ranch makes for a great getaway in any season, but there is something special about putting logs into a wood stove to stay warm in the winter weather. Yes, they do have electric heaters, but the wood stove is still a highlight of any cabin stay.

 Located in the Cypress Hills, just outside of park limits, the Historic Reesor Ranch is surrounded by beautiful trees and rolling hills.  With their own sets of conglomerate cliffs, the lookout points are stunning and it is likely you won’t have to share the view with anyone.

The Cypress Hills are home to the highest elevation point in Saskatchewan and that means that the snow is the best you’ll find in the southwest.  A couple of years ago the Reesors decided to put tracks on their quads so that the winter guests could take a guided tour of the property on these fun machines.  There is also a six seater side by side that is enclosed for those who would rather just be passengers. 

With multiple cabins, the Historic Ranch House, the Old Large Barn, and camping spots available, you are sure to find an accommodation to suit your needs.  As the weather warms up the horseback and other ranch themed tours will start back up and the Ranch House Bar & Grill will reopen. 

The unique accommodations and excellent hospitality and experiences make for the perfect vacation.  A read through the guest books in each cabin gives you a glimpse into how a visit to the Reesor Ranch has impacted families, couples, and solo travelers looking to reconnect and rejuvenate.

Visit their website to start planning your next ranch stay.