In the small town of Lafleche, I stayed at the Wood River Inn & Studio, a beautifully refurbished 102-year-old home. Upon arrival, we were greeted by co-owner Ryan Kiedrowski, who graciously toured us through the historic home. Immediately, I was captivated by the home's 2 grand front porches, one of the Inn’s many charming features. The home prominatly displays works created by local artists. It is fantastic that they showcase local talent in the community, further adding to the home's uniqueness.

Since we were the first guests to arrive, we got the first pick on all the rooms, which was a difficult decision because each room looked comfortable and homey. One of the rooms had bunk beds, which was tempting because sleeping on bunk beds is nostalgic for me since my sister and I used to sleep on bunk beds in our camper. After considering our many options, we chose the room with a queen bed, closest to the small library filled with books of all genres.

Shortly there after, musician Jeffery Straker arrived. Later that evening he performed for the backyard concert. It was a beautiful night for the show. The yard provided the perfect backdrop for the live concert, with the glowing lantern lights, and campfire. Jeffery put on a wonderful performance and had everyone singing along with him.

After a good night's sleep in our cozy room, we ate a hearty breakfast and chatted with other guests, Ryan and his partner. Conveniently, my next destination was the East Block Grasslands, which is only an hour's drive from the Wood River Inn & Studio. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Wood River & Studio with its serene atmosphere and kind hosts. I am excited to see what renovations and artists Ryan will host in the future!


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