My stay at the Elkwater Lake Lodge & Resort was exactly what a die-hard tent camper needed to remind themself of luxury. Right from the beginning the staff was very welcoming, and immediately entering the lobby, I could tell it was a well-kept establishment. In the small parkside town of Elkwater, there is nothing that could compare to the grandiose lodge located near the beautiful lake’s edge. I brought bicycles, and instead of hiking, we toured the area and found so many spectacular sights that would not be out of place if they were in the Rocky Mountains. I have always been drawn to the mountains, and this place brings so much of that feeling close to home, save the “roughing it” aspect. Our room had every modern luxury we quickly came to hold dear after a long day of biking. 

We relaxed with a delicious supper and took a dip in their large pool and hot tub. That night, it was warm enough to go for a walk along the lakeside, and the stars were absolutely stunning. My girlfriend and I spent hours walking that night, and got back to our room exhausted. We slept in a little bit, but still made it to breakfast at Bugler’s, in the hotel. We had waffles with fresh strawberries and cream, and went right back to biking. The access to activities from the Lodge was really unique, as it had all the conveniences of a modern hotel, but on the edge of a provincial park. We visited the Marina, played minigolf, rode one of many hiking trails, and even did a little birdwatching.(I’m a little young for that, I know.)

Overall, our stay was a blast. The mountain lifestyle is ever present, and it was so refreshing to live in such comfort at the same time. We were lucky it rained that day, or else we could’ve probably stayed out there forever!