Is there anything better than pulling into a new town and being surprised by an unusual sculpture or unique piece of art on display?

Leader, Saskatchewan has a few surprises waiting for you.

You may have heard of the town's Larger Than Life sculptures.  Scattered throughout Leader, you will find nine sculptures of animals that are important to the area.  The sculptures include a mule deer, burrowing owls, redheaded woodpecker, a prairie rattlesnake, western meadowlark, bobcats and loggerhead shrike with long billed curlew, kangaroo rats, a sturgeon and a Ferruginous Hawk. There is even an audio tour that you can download to learn about each animal as you go.


As you wander through town looking for the animal sculptures, you will notice a few more interesting creations.  A well known local, Gord Stueck, has retired and sitting still is not his strong point. He has been continuously surprising locals with his creations.

From gigantic red chairs, huge bird houses with humorous labels, and an enormous Rubik's Cube that will have you tilting your head in confusion, Gord has helped make your drive through town even more entertaining.  Be sure to stop at the Millenium Gardens and the tourism caboose to see just a few of these wonders.

Also found at the tourism caboose is a replica of the Smith Barn.  The world’s biggest barn was built just west of Leader in 1914 and there is an interesting history to it.  Unfortunately, it was torn down in 1921 and the property is no longer open to the public, but the replica is on display for visitors.


Many small towns have unique attractions that can only be found by turning off the main road and exploring the streets.  What are some of your favourite Saskatchewan small town surprises?