I'm thrilled to explore the breathtaking southwest region of Saskatchewan as an international summer student!

Since starting my work with the Cypress Hills and Grasslands Destination Area, I've had some incredible experiences. I attended my first rodeo in the small village of Abbey, Saskatchewan, and met amazing people in the tight-knit community of Hazlet. The Sports Day celebration was fantastic, with kids and parents thoroughly enjoying the festivities.

Tourism in this area is booming! For instance, at the Gull Lake camping spot, I met a guy from France who was biking across Canada and stayed overnight at the campsite. There are many museums in the area, such as the oldest one in Maple Creek ( The SW Old Timers' Museum) and The Eastend Historical Museum, each with rich histories that taught me a lot about Canada's past, especially the local towns and communities.

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is one of the hidden gems everyone should add to their bucket list! Visiting Cypress Hills and the Grasslands Destination Area offers a chance to experience a completely different side of Canada. The amount of wildlife I've seen during my travels and captured for social media is countless!

This journey has made me feel deeply connected to nature and has been incredibly fulfilling.