Hi everyone! My name is Vlada Hozalova. I was born in central Ukraine, in the beautiful city of Dnipro. After graduating from high school, I moved to the seaside town of Berdyansk, which is similar in size to Lethbridge. I loved living there because it had a small, close-knit community.

I have played professional basketball in Ukraine for over six years, which allowed me to travel extensively for my games. This experience fueled my passion for traveling, meeting new people, and trying new things. I applied for this job because it aligns with my studies at the University of Lethbridge, where I'm majoring in General Management with a focus on Marketing. It also helps me pursue my passion for business and travel, which have always inspired me.

During my professional years, a friend and I opened a small shoe store. This experience taught me that running a business is not just about making money; it’s about the story behind the owner and their passion for contributing to the community. I find social media content creation to be a fun, creative, and independent job that reflects my identity.

This summer, I'm looking forward to being outdoors, learning more about Canadian culture, meeting interesting and exciting people, and exploring new places in Saskatchewan. I love Canadian nature, especially the national parks, where the wildlife is so accessible, unlike in Ukraine. I have visited Banff, Waterton, Canmore, Kananaskis, Golden, East Kootenay, Fernie, Premier Lake Provincial Park, Cypress Hills, and more.

My favorite adventures involve discovering local food, trying new activities like hiking or biking, exploring new terrain, and savoring the moment because life is short!